Community Mediation of St. Mary's County
Transforming Conflict into Conversation
“The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried.” ~ Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
Karen Horton, LCSW-C, Mediator
“Time and again, we’ve seen people prove that mediation does work. Nobody understands their situation better than the individuals involved. Given a safe environment and the opportunity to listen and share their concerns, clients show that they are able to effectively resolve their own conflicts.”

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Ways We Can Help

Community Mediation
Mediators assist individuals with a wide range of issues, including family and neighborhood conflicts, landlord-tenant issues, group and organizational conflicts and family care decisions for elderly adults.
Parent-Teen Mediation
Mediators help parents and teens talk together to create their own solutions.
Separation/Divorce Mediation
Mediators help parents develop plans for caring for their children when those parents are no longer living together. Assisting divorcing couples in working through issues related to property and support.
Prison Re-entry
These mediations are for inmates at the St. Mary’s Detention Center. Many inmates are faced with challenges that can be addressed prior to their release such as housing, parenting and employment. If the inmate can have a conversation with relatives or friends to address those challenges, transition back into society may go more smoothly for everyone. Re-entry mediation programs are currently in eighteen Maryland prisons and detention centers.
Facilitation/Organizational Development
In addition to offering free mediation services, the Center also offers facilitation services to businesses, organizations and agencies to help them build stronger teams and work together more effectively.

Our Staff and BoD

Executive Director - Nancy Kreitzer
Program Coordinator - Susan Rork

President - Joshua Brewster
Vice President - Kat McClernan
Secretary - Michael Blackwell
Treasurer - John Roberts
John Weiner
Sharon Weiner
Jameika Butler

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